The Concert Experience Revolutionized For VR
How Swivel VR Brought Matchbox Twenty To You
Swivel VR is the first app of it’s kind. We’re giving our users the first fan-controlled, multi-camera virtual reality 360 experience in 3D and 2D. Simply gaze and see all this app can do!
Our state of the art process and equipment captures concerts and live events from multiple perspectives in stunning, high-quality video and audio, transforming a once in a lifetime event into an experience that fans can relive again and again.
Swivel puts you on-stage like never before!
The team behind SwivelVR has decades of experience with innovative technologies and award-winning film and television production. They’re experts in producing top-quality content that people will want to engage with and explore.
Before capturing Matchbox Twenty’s epic performances in Spokane, Nashville, Las Vegas and Denver, Swivel VR put in the time to build a meaningful relationship with the band, making sure they could capture the concert from all the best angles and snag exclusive behind the scenes content.
Rob, Paul, Kyle, and Brian backstage discuss how Swivel can help them reach their fans in a new way
Swivel VR has also worked to build relationships with other major players in the industry, like Matchbox Twenty and Atlantic Records, to ensure amazing access to the most exciting and memorable events. Swivel VR users will find tickets, merchandise, and interviews they can’t get anywhere else.
“I knew I wanted to do something above and beyond what’s been out there already to keep on-brand with Matchbox Twenty and everything that they have done, and Rob himself,” said Manager Nick Lipman, partner at Lippman Entertainment was quoted as saying in an interview with VRScout. “They’ve have never been trend followers. They’ve always been trendsetters, and I was looking to do that in this space as well. When Robert and Angela and the team at AdAir showed me above and beyond what they can do—after they had already blown me away with their VR capabilities—I thought, what a great mesh and a great fit for Matchbox Twenty to do something in this space and also do it at the level that we’ve been accustomed to doing it, and be the first in something new.”
One of Swivel VR’s most impressive components is our virtual reality video content. If you have a pair of virtual reality glasses, with Swivel VR you can relive your favorite concerts in jaw-dropping 3D.
Rob uses virtual reality glasses to check out the Swivel VR experience
They’ve have never been trend followers. They’ve always been trendsetters, and I was looking to do that in this space as well.
- Manager Nick Lipman
Our intuitive, hands-free dashboard allows you to change your perspective by simply directing your gaze to different icons in your field of vision. You can put yourself on stage with the band, see the concert from the first row, or look at the event from above. You might even spot yourself dancing in the crowd!
You can also skip around to your favorite songs, snap pictures of your VR experience, and post to your social media accounts, all with our simple, hands-free menu.
For people who weren’t able to make it to the live event - whether it didn’t fit into your budget or you had conflict in your schedule - with Swivel VR you’ll feel like you’re actually there, seeing the concert from a more intimate viewpoint than even the best seat in the house.
No virtual reality glasses? No problem! Swivel VR still offers a top of the line user experience with phenomenal audio and video content that can play on any iOS or android compatible phone, tablet, or TV.
Or, if you just want to listen to the concert while on a run or commuting to work, we’ve got you covered. We make sure Swivel VR audio content is just as crisp and captivating as our video content. We want fans to be able to relive their favorite concerts in whatever way that suits them best.
Setting up Swivel VR equipment
Swivel VR will even communicate with your chosen device to make sure we’re only sending the bandwidth it can handle, ensuring fast, smooth downloads every time. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy an new electrifying experience every time you use Swivel VR.
Swivel VR is the first of its kind, and we’re passionate about giving music fans the best concert experience possible, while also expanding access to awe-inspiring live events for anyone who can’t make it in person. Once you enter the world of Swivel VR, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Download the free app and explore a free sample on us. You are going to be amazed with the experience you can only enjoy with SwivelVR.
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